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With all of the information available on the internet, you'd think it would be easier to find information about just what exactly causes muscles to grow. What I see happen to many athletes who are still learning is rather than ending on top of the rings they end up just squeaking through at the same height as the ring. Building off of the kip swing and the lats pulling the hips up high, a fast transition involves keeping the rings close to the body, driving the elbows crossfit back quickly, and doing a fast sit-up with the torso.

Hold on to the top of the posts and perform a pull up, transitioning into a muscle up. At this stage, you should not have any difficulties achieving these. Rings muscle ups: Again, these are not strictly necessary, but they will carry over to the next How To Do A Muscle Up On Rings FOR BEGINNERS variation, and help smoothen the transition. The move is essentially the same as the one performed on poles, but the way in which you grip the rings is important. In order to get the wrist in the optimal position for a rings muscle up, it is important to use a false grip, as pictured here.

Many people can't do HIGH pull ups and DEEP dips so they think it's a technique problem, but really it's the lack of strength in that ROM. I'm doing the beginners routine and typically do 8 8 8 on pull ups but having to kip the last 1 or 2 on the last set. Try training weighed pull-ups for a week or two, then try doing a pull-up with only your bodyweight; it'll feel very easy, you'll feel like you could soar over the bar -> muscle ups.

If you want to see some of my recent muscle up progress, check out this tutorial I did with gymnast Sean Mapoles on getting your first strict muscle up. We happen to be using rings, but you can apply the same principles to a pull up bar. Most beginners do not use their legs effectively on climb-ups, partly because they cannot perform this exercise correctly.

Antranik has a good tutorial on russian dips and radial pull ups are not chest to bar so I dont think that strict pull ups are the best indicator of being able to achieve the muscle up. The transition is the most difficult part and that takes mostly forearm/wrist strength and momentum, things that you hardly get from strict pull ups. By the way, after getting muscle ups down, I can now do 17 strict pull ups from rest (I just tried in my doorway).

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